Benefits of Heated Storage Solutions

For most Orillia residents, there will be a time in your life where you may require self-storage services; whether it’s for temporary purposes, a large move, or for long term storage, self-storage services are ideal for protecting those important items that are special to us.

If you are planning on acquiring a self-storage unit this winter, Heated Self Storage in Orillia has the necessary security and safety features you need, including temperature controlled storage units.

Extreme Winter Temperatures

Severe weather can cause damage to items being kept securely in storage units. Some of your belongings will be more vulnerable to harm depending on the particular materials. Wood and metal will expand and contract with freezing temperatures, which can lead to warping and weakening of the metal; often the cause of splitting or cracking. Leather and other materials can degrade and turn an unpleasant yellow colour when exposed to cold temperatures.
With that said, storing such items in your shed or garage lacks the protection that’s needed to preserve such items. Without proper climate control and humidity levels, your computer equipment, electronics, wood, leather, precious photographs, artwork, and other valuable possessions, may be at significant risk to damage.

Our heated storage units will not reach below freezing in the winter. In addition, dust and dirt are less likely to be transferred indoors, keeping your items clean and safe.

When to Consider Heated Self Storage
As mentioned, determining whether or not you required heated storage, depends primarily on what items you plan to store, how long you plan to store them for, and during what seasons. Also, it’s important to consider the value of the items you wish to store. If you have a substantial volume of files that need to be protected, or have belongings that hold sentimental value, a heated storage unit will give you that extra layer of protection.
At Heated Self Storage in Orillia, we are serious about safeguarding your stored belongings, and ensure that our humidity and climate controlled system is monitored regularly in order to maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels for adequate safety.

Our facility features units that provide the optimal storage conditions for your precious belongings. Save yourself the worry and stress of wondering the status of your items’ condition, and turn to Heated Self Storage in Orillia.

To rent a heated storage unit, or for more information about our self-storage services, contact us today. Call 705-330-4055.