Keeping a Clean Self-Storage Unit

There comes a point where we have to take a hard look at the situation of our storage unit. Depending on how much of a pack rat you are, your storage unit is going to fill up pretty quickly. At this point you’re going to wonder about expanding to a second unit or maybe shifting everything over to a larger one. Really what you should be doing, is making some choices about getting rid of some stuff.

Look, we’ve all been there. We always hold on to stuff for way too long for reasons that feel perfectly valid but, usually, we end up realizing that it was ultimately pointless. If your unit is looking like the ruins of some lost civilization where you have to dodge arrow traps and pitfalls just to get at your stuff, then it’s time to be real with yourself. Time to throw some things out.

What Should go in Your Unit?

At the end of the day you should really only be storing useful items in your storage unit. Many people use it to store junk, but why would you bother storing junk? Get rid of it, junk is not worth holding onto no matter how much you think it might be useful down the line. A good rule of thumb for this sort of thing goes like this: Have you used it in the last six months? Can you see yourself using it in the next six months? If the answer to both of those questions is a no, then it’s time for the junk to go.

As mentioned above, keep only useful items in your storage unit. Commonly we find people use it for seasonal gear storage. Rotating your seasonal gear like skis, coats, scuba gear, etc., is a great way to get the most out of the unit. Everything is useful, it falls in line with our rule of thumb, and you’re maximizing the space allotted to you.

The purpose of this unit is to expand your storage space; maximizing its utility is in your best interest. Be honest with yourself about what’s being stored, make some choices about whether or not you really need to be holding on to something, and you’ll be doing just fine. If after all that you still think you need another, or a larger unit, then that’s fine as well.

Just make sure it’s because you really need the space, and not because junk has taken over your space.