Maximizing Your Self Storage Unit

In many cases, self-storage facilities will request certain information from you through a quick questionnaire or discussion, to help you gauge the type and size of a storage unit that would be most beneficial for your needs. This guidance will save you a headache and money so that you’re only purchasing the amount of space you actually require. Having said that, prior to moving your belongings into a storage unit it’s highly recommended that you take the necessary steps to keep items accessible and organized. Storage units provide a ton of flexibility and convenience, but if items are randomly tossed inside, you may run into problems locating specific belongings when you need to remove them!

How can you get the most out of your storage unit?

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Here are a few tips from Heated Self Storage:

Arrange Belongings for Easy Access
If you’re going to be packing up your self-storage unit, it only makes sense to think through exactly what is going in there, and if there are any items in particular that you may need in the near future.  When it’s time to access these items, how will you do it? Will they be arranged according to need? It’s best to keep items that you foresee you’ll need at the front of the storage unit so you don’t have to sort through items and reorganize things in an effort to pull something out. Having said that it’s best to keep a bit of a path in the centre of the self-storage unit so you can walk through it easily.

Stack Upwards
The majority of self-storage units are limited in terms of floor space, but you always have the ability to make the most of your vertical space, by stacking boxes upwards; especially when it comes to furniture. Long and bulky items can be stored standing on their sides so they take up less space, while chairs should be stacked one on top of another if possible. Remember to be careful when stacking the heavier items at the bottom and lighter things on top; nobody wants to deal with a tower of items crashing down! You can also ensure that your boxes are steady by filling them up to capacity so that they remain stable. It’s highly recommended that you also consider wrapping the most fragile items in bubble wrap to keep them protected in the event of an accident!

Fill up Any Holes
Hopefully after getting the bulk of your items packed away, you will still have a fair bit of space left to easily maneuver through your storage unit. If space has been utilized to the max, however, make sure you spot any holes throughout your unit and use them to your advantage!  This like towels, bed sheets, pillows and other soft cloth material, can be thrown into garbage bags so that they remain clean and can be easily stuffed into little, empty spaces.

Don’t forget about underneath and behind couches, bed frames and cabinets – these are perfect cubbies for long and thin items such as brooms and other long-handled items. Another great place to maximize space is in the empty spaces inside your drawers and cupboards. Your old refrigerator or washing machine provides another opportunity for storage; never underestimate these handy items that instantly supply added space for you.

It’s best to take the time to look through your belongings and make out an inventory if you’re not quite sure of the space needed. As we mentioned, most self-storage companies such as Heated Self Storage, are more than happy to assist you in calculating the volume of your belongings, suggesting an appropriate self-storage unit that meets those requirements! With a little arrangement, you can maximize your self-storage unit, ensuring you’re getting the most out of this space now, and down the road.

If you’re looking for reliable self storage services in the Orillia region, get in touch with Heated Self Storage.  We offer clients both indoor and outdoor storage options and provide temperature controlled storage to protect your precious belongings from the risk of damage. If you’d like to learn more about our facility and/or storage solutions, please call 705-330-4055.