Spring is on: Putting Away Winter Gear

We are finally into that stretch where winter is retreating, and the warmer weather is gaining a foothold. It’s in these times of renewal that winter gear starts to find its way into storage, and our beloved fair-weather toys come out into the light. During the switch around make sure you keep on top of your organization, as this is the time when it can all go wrong. In addition, make sure you are storing your items appropriately.

Storing Gear

How you put away your gear will depend on what it is, since different items have different considerations. Clothing like your coats, snow pants, gloves, etc should be hung up and allowed to air out before going straight into storage. If they are exceedingly dirty, then of course you should consider giving them a proper wash. When you do finally store everything, either hang them up or fold them away neatly to avoid wrinkles, creases, or letting it sit in dirt for 3 seasons.

For gear like skis, snow boards, and snow shoes, give them a clean to remove dirt and grime. Take this time to give them an inspection for damage they may have received over the winter. Rocks and nasty tumbles on the ski hill can do some fair damage to your equipment, and it’s best to find it now in order to repair or keep a look out for sales in the off season. Any signs of rust build up also need to be taken care of immediately before it deals irreparable damage.

Speaking of rust, when it comes to metal tools and gear you need to take some measures to prevent its corrosion. Over the winter, repeated exposure to salt and wet conditions can play havoc with metals. Before putting them away give them a look over, clean off any salt residue and dirt. Make sure they are clean and dry and then oil the metal to help prevent it from corroding while put away.

Always make sure everything is dry before storing it. Damp is what leads to mold and having your clothing and storage unit ruined by mold build-up is an easy way to ruin your day. That doesn’t even cover having to clean up yet either. For items with motors like your snow blowers and snowmobiles, go through the usual steps for storing equipment like this. If you’re not sure what to do, then reference your owner’s manual for how to properly put them away.

Storage units are a handy way of keeping your things stored securely and out of the elements. Heated Self Storage INC has different units to fit your needs, just let us know what they are.