Tips For Storing Your Electronic Devices

Summer is here! For some that might mean it’s time to store away the electronics to get the kids outside or perhaps you have an extra television or computer you don’t currently need to use. Whatever your situation, we have some tips for you to consider when storing your electronic devices with us. These tips will ensure your devices maintain their performance and stay in the same condition you left them in.

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  • Pay Attention To How You Pack: As you probably know, most electronic devices are quite fragile, so ensuring they are packaged properly is important to ensure moisture stays out, and that damage will be mitigated in the event that something falls in your storage unit. One economical tip is to use the same packaging your device came in if you still have it. (Side note: keeping the original packaging for your electronics is not only good for storage, but often increases resale value as well!).
  • Consider Protection Insurance: Particularly for expensive electronics. While our units are highly secured and monitored, it’s always better to be safe than sorry in the event of an unforeseen, uncontrollable circumstance.
  • Disconnect Everything: If you’re storing a television, computer or laptop, ensure that all cables are disconnected before putting the device into storage. Leaving cables connected can cause unnecessary wear on connector ports, and can even damage them if movement occurs.
  • If Your Device Has An Internal Battery: Remove the battery if possible to prevent wear on the battery. If you cannot remove the battery, our advice is to ensure the battery is charged to 100% before you put the device into storage. This can help maintain the health of the battery and prolong its life. Most modern electronics are smart enough to have their own safeguards to maintain the battery, but ensuring the climate within your unit isn’t too hot, cold or damp, also helps maintain battery health.

If you are new to using our storage services, we also invite you to consider the options available at our facility. Here’s a quick guide as a reference:

  • Small Units (5×5, 5×10): Smaller storage units are perfect for basic storage needs; if you have seasonal clothing to put away or decor that doesn’t require much space, these units are typically the best choice. These units are built to hold at least one or two larger items as well, such as a snow blower.
  • Medium Units (10×10, 10×15): Medium-sized storage units are great for storing college dorm belongings for the summer time. They’re large enough that one can store furniture, a mattress, and several boxes.
  • Large Units (10×20, 10×30): The largest storage units offered are similar to the size of a standard garage, meaning they offer plenty of storage room. Because of their generous size, these units are more than capable of storing motorized seasonal vehicles such as snowmobiles or ATVs.

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