Winter Is Coming: Is Your Boat Winterized?

The weather is steadily on course for winter, temperatures are dropping with the leaves and snow has even been sighted. The inevitable is approaching as it always does whether you are looking forward to it or not. Winter is coming. With the coming of freezing temperatures it’s important to make sure you are properly winterizing your boat. Obviously if you are storing it in a heated space than it’s not an issue, but for those who aren’t we have a few tips for you to keep in mind.


Cleaning the bilges

The lowest part of your boat will usually always have some water in it from the boating season. When you’re preparing the boat for storage you must drain the water out first. Use the boats’ pump to get out as much as you can, and any that’s left over use a baler or sponge to remove the rest. Afterwards clean out any dirt, fuel, or oil that found its way in using soap, hot water, and a good brush. Ensure the bilge is completely dry before covering back up so no ice forms inside from left over moisture.

Drain the water system

Some boats will have a water system on board for showers, toilets, and sinks. This system needs to be drained of all water or else it’ll freeze and rupture the lines. Turn off, drain, and isolate the hot water heater, drain the fresh water holding tank and pump non toxic antifreeze into the water system. Run all the faucets on the boat, including shower heads and wash down areas until the water has been drained and the antifreeze is coming out. Add this same anti freeze to your water heater in case there is left over water inside. Additionally make sure the holding tanks are empty once you have finished all jobs requiring the use of the drains. Have it pumped out as much as you can and then add more antifreeze so the tank doesn’t crack over winter.

Interior Clean Up

Remove all safety equipment and any valuables from the boat; ropes, fire extinguishers, life jackets, flares, paddles, electronics, anchors, etc. Over the winter these can be cleaned, have maintenance performed on them, or replaced where necessary. Use this opportunity to clean up any dirt or oil that spilled in the last weeks of your boating season, or during the clean up. Leaving valuables and expensive electronics on-board is a good way to get them stolen over the winter, so best not to take a chance. After everything has been cleaned out ensure the interior is dry if you used any water or liquid cleaners before storing.

Other To Do’s

The list above is really just a short and basic look at some of the things you need to do when winterizing your boat. There is still a whole host of other items that need to be taken care of before putting the boat to bed for winter. This article can provide you some insights on taking care of the motor and some other advice you can follow.

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