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A Beginner’s Guide to Self Storage

The Basics: What Are Self-Storage Units? Self-storage units are rent-able rooms in a facility where you can store items and retrieve them at your leisure. The size of the unit and length of rental are flexible, making self-storage a popular option for moving, home renovations, and even small businesses. What Should I Know Before I…

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Keeping a Clean Self-Storage Unit

There comes a point where we have to take a hard look at the situation of our storage unit. Depending on how much of a pack rat you are, your storage unit is going to fill up pretty quickly. At this point you’re going to wonder about expanding to a second unit or maybe shifting…

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Spring is on: Putting Away Winter Gear

We are finally into that stretch where winter is retreating, and the warmer weather is gaining a foothold. It’s in these times of renewal that winter gear starts to find its way into storage, and our beloved fair-weather toys come out into the light. During the switch around make sure you keep on top of…

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Keeping Your Storage Unit Organized

As storage units get filled up over time it can be easy to just put things wherever you find a spot for them. Items will get lost and organization is completely forgotten about. This will eventually lead to your unit looking like some ancient cache of lost artifacts when ever you try and find your…

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Struggling on Where to Put all this New Stuff?

‘Tis the season where gifts and joy are exchanged among friends and family. Despite the weather outside, our homes will be lit with warmth and happiness. After the exchange of gifts is done you may find yourself with a lack of space. Turns out you now have more stuff than you have storage space for,…

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Winter Is Coming: Is Your Boat Winterized?

The weather is steadily on course for winter, temperatures are dropping with the leaves and snow has even been sighted. The inevitable is approaching as it always does whether you are looking forward to it or not. Winter is coming. With the coming of freezing temperatures it’s important to make sure you are properly winterizing…

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Tips For Storing Your Electronic Devices

Summer is here! For some that might mean it’s time to store away the electronics to get the kids outside or perhaps you have an extra television or computer you don’t currently need to use. Whatever your situation, we have some tips for you to consider when storing your electronic devices with us. These tips…

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Maximizing Your Self Storage Unit

In many cases, self-storage facilities will request certain information from you through a quick questionnaire or discussion, to help you gauge the type and size of a storage unit that would be most beneficial for your needs. This guidance will save you a headache and money so that you’re only purchasing the amount of space…

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To Store or Not to Store

We all know how convenient it can be to turn to storage units as a means of securely storing away our excess possessions. Whether it’s because we are running low on space in the garage or attic, or we are preparing to move to our new home in Orillia, there are still some important considerations to…

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Self Storage During the Summer

With the beginning of summer, most Barrie and Orillia residents leave their indoor winter habits and routines behind them, turning to an active and outdoor lifestyle. Who doesn’t enjoy the summer heat and cooling off in the lake? The gorgeous weather encourages people to de-clutter and organize their homes. Whether you are doing some annual…

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